Would you like your students to learn how to make an authentic Japanese dish? This enjoyable experience, held at your school, is interactive, affordable and most importantly educational.

Japanese Cooking Incursions

We come to your school and run a one hour cooking lesson for your students.

You can make Shitake Mushroom Rice, Sushi or Yakiudon Noodle Stir-Fry and we provide everything for the children including chef hats, aprons, gloves, cooking equipment, quality ingredients, lessons for the teacher, and songs and games to play while learning.

Every child is involved in making the dish and then they eat their creation!

This experience also emphasises the importance of cooperation and working as a team. Each student will take home their own recipe and a new appreciation for authentic Japanese food.

For more information call 0414301999 or email us at luca@piattoperfetto.com

So that we can design a package which meets your needs.

Fun, food and learning what else could your students ask for?