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I wanted to thank you very much on behalf of our school, the students and the staff for coming and sharing your culinary expertise, your delicious food, your wonderful way with the students and, of course, Italian language and culture (which was incredible!!!). 
Many of them continue to make your delicious pasta and sauce at home.  The whole day was so well planned and organised and pitched at the right level.   You are a great teacher too! We would love to invite you back again soon.  Grazie mille Jenny ( teacher)
Thank you so much for coming in and teaching us two delicious recipes!
I enjoyed it so much both your visit and the dish that I even went home and made the dish myself.  Not only I did enjoy making it and eating it, but my family also fell in love with the delicious dish.The dish is now a regular in my family, and it’s now a weekly meal.  Have a great Christmas thanks again! From Lois (student)
Ciao Luca! I’ve received so many videos and photos of the kids making their pasta dish at home that my email box is full! They loved the experience and we cant wait to have you back next year.  Regards Raffaella ( teacher)
p.s. Look forward to seeing you at the Teacher’s cooking class for our Staff Development Day


Your cooking class was sensational. The food you taught us how to make was delicious. I wish we could have had more time to make other dishes you know how to make. Thank you for the video you made all of us enjoyed watching it! The recipe you taught us to make will stay in my mind forever. It was an unforgettable moment! From Jessica (student)

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Chef hats, aprons, cooking equipment and NUT-FREE ingredients are provided which meet stringent safety standards.
We can set up in ANY suitable space in your school which has nearby access to water.
       A resource pack and complete risk assessment are sent to you prior to the cooking incursion.
A hands-on cooking 
experience catered to ALL ages whereby EVERY student is involved in creating and eating their healthy, authentic dish.

call now to find out our current specials.

give your students the opportunity to live this Unique experience.